Our Process

Traditional building methods typically involve architects leading the design process with drawings, typically costing 10-15% of the total project. These costs don't cover permitting, septic, engineering, or coastal regulation fees. Any requested design changes result in extra architectural fees, often forcing clients to abandon changes due to budget onstraints.

The Davitt Experience Makes the Difference!

Our process minimizes unnecessary design costs, maximizing the project budget. Our architectural fees are generally 5-7% of the total project cost, encompassing permits, septic, engineering, and coastal regulation fees. We price each section of a custom home as we design it, giving our clients control of their budget. Transparency is key in our process

As coastal and luxury building experts, Davitt possesses in-depth knowledge of coastal construction requirements. We're frequently sought by local contractors for assistance in navigating coastal regulations and permitting.

Your Build

The Davitt Design Build process pairs the client with the architect and builder from the outset of each project. Our design build approach puts the clients voice in the decision-making process every step of the way. Each client is matched with a project manager which is their single point of contact throughout the project. This eliminates the confusion of who the client should contact when questions arise. Your PM will keep you on schedule and on budget with every decision that needs to be made during your custom home journey.

Customized Coastal Home Architecture - Davitt Design Build