Luxury Homes


The first step in building a custom home is to design it. From size and style to every finite detail, our talented team of architects and project managers listen intently and work alongside each client to design their dream home. We price as we draw, allowing the client to know where they stand from a budget perspective, every step of the way. Once the final design is complete, detailed plans are built and sent for various municipal approvals.

Davitt also offers the technology to create a schematic and full color rendering of the interior and exterior of the home so that our clients can visually see their dream home, long before it is built.

Our approach to designing a clients' home begins with a site evaluation. We visit the location of the new home to determine precisely where the new home will be built. We examine several variables such as sunrise, sunset, views, etc...

Once the site evaluation is complete, we introduce our client to our Space Program, which details exactly how the client lives in their home, room by room. We take a close look at the functionality of each room, space flow, and living priorities of the client. From there, we build a Bubble Diagram which is a basic layout of where the client prefers each room in the home to be located, based on the site evaluation. This basic room association exercise affords the client a first look at how the rooms of the interior of the home will be laid out. We then produce the schematic floor plans.

Once the client approves the schematic design, we convert it to construction documents and begin the build process.