Luxury Homes


The initial step in crafting a custom home is the design phase. Our expert team of architects and project managers collaborate closely with each client to create their dream home, from its size and style down to the finest details. We ensure transparency by pricing as we design, keeping clients informed about the budget at every stage. After finalizing the design, we proceed to create comprehensive plans and submit them for any necessary municipal approvals.

Davitt also provides advanced technology that enables us to generate detailed interior and exterior renderings, allowing our clients to visualize their dream home well before construction begins.

Our design process commences with a thorough site assessment, where we visit the proposed location of the new home to determine its optimal placement, taking into consideration factors like sun orientation, views and more.

Following the site evaluation, we introduce our clients to our Space Program, which outlines how they envision living in their home, room by room. We focus on room functionality, flow and the client's living priorities, creating a Bubble Diagram that outlines the room layout based on the site evaluation. This initial room placement exercise offers clients an early glimpse of their home's interior layout, which then evolves into schematic floor plans.

Once the schematic design is approved by the client, we transition it into construction documents and initiate the building process.